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Bezan Denounces Tanning Beds



Ottawa, ON - In honour of Melanoma Monday, James Bezan, Member of Parliament for Selkirk-Interlake, delivered a statement in the House of Commons on the dangers of artificial tanning equipment.


MP Bezan acknowledged the startling rate of Canadians diagnosed with skin cancer every year, including someone in his life who has survived melanoma skin cancer.


“My wife Kelly has survived melanoma skin cancer on more than one occasion.  While she was fortunate enough to beat it, not everyone will be as lucky.  Out of the 5,500 Canadians who are diagnosed with melanoma annually, 950 will die from it,” Bezan Said.     


“The World Health Organization has found sufficient and compelling evidence linking indoor tanning to melanoma and has ranked tanning beds as a level one carcinogenic to humans, placing them on the same level as tobacco, mustard gas and asbestos,” said MP Bezan.  “UV radiation from the sun and artificial tanning beds are the main causes of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.”


A growing number of youth are starting to use tanning equipment, and according to the experts, youth are more at risk of developing skin cancer if exposed to UV radiation at a younger age.  To combat this dangerous trend, MP Bezan tabled a Private Member’s Bill, Bill C-386.


“Studies have shown that using tanning beds at a young age increases the risk of skin cancer by 75%.  Regrettably, more of our youth are using tanning beds.  I recently tabled a Private Members Bill that will prohibit anyone under 18 years of age from using tanning beds and will help keep our youth out of this dangerous equipment.” 


To increase support for Bill C-386, MP Bezan has launched a national awareness campaign.  All those who support banning tanning beds for those under 18 years of age and strengthening warning labels on tanning beds are encouraged to sign a petition, write to their Member of Parliament, and visit Bill C-386’s Facebook page, Tanning Beds Cause Cancer.     







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