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Budget Speech
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper is dedicated to building a stronger, prouder, more prosperous Canada by delivering real results for everyday Canadian families.  He has spent his entire political career standing up and speaking out for Canadians who work hard, pay their taxes and play by the rules.

As Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has delivered real action on the priorities of all Canadian families including:

  • Passing the tough new political fundraising rules that take the big money, corporations and unions out of political party financing.
  • Reducing the GST from 7% to 6% and now, to 5%.
  • Providing $1,200 per year, per child under six, that parents can spend on their own child care priorities.
  • Giving Canadians tax credits for money spent on transit passes, textbooks and kids’ sports.
  • Strengthening Canada’s product safety laws, including the first ever federal mandatory recall law, and new rules for what can be called a “product of Canada”.
  • Passing tough new laws that will keep gun criminals and sexual predators behind bars.
  • Taking real action on the environment with Canada’s first ever mandatory greenhouse gas emission regulations.
  • Investing in new patrol ships, satellite surveillance, and arctic rangers to protect our sovereignty over Canada’s North.

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New Building Canada Plan's Small Communities Fund announcement

St. Andrews, Beausejour, Arborg, Winnipeg Beach and Stonewall to benefit from Small Communities Fund of the New Building Canada Plan

October 16, 2014       St. Andrews, Manitoba

Today, the governments of Canada and Manitoba announced that five communities from Manitoba’s Interlake Region will benefit from the New Building Canada Plan’s Small Communities Fund.

The Small Communities Fund is part of the $10-billion Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component of the New Building Canada Fund. It will provide $1 billion to municipalities with fewer than 100,000 residents for priority public infrastructure projects that deliver on local needs.

St. Andrews will extend the main trunk sewer connecting the Rural Municipality of West St. Paul into St. Andrews, thereby connecting between 150 and 200 residents to the system. Beausejour will construct a new wastewater lagoon storage cell and a new building, along with associated tanks, pump, piping and mechanical and electrical work. Arborg will upgrade more than two kilometres of existing water mains with new, larger capacity lines. Winnipeg Beach will improve its lagoon treatment system in order to provide high quality treatment of wastewater. Finally, Stonewall will construct a wetland of approximately 20 hectares in size to remove nutrients from treated effluent discharged from the town.

These projects will help these small Interlake Manitoba communities improve their water and wastewater infrastructure.  When completed, the systems will better meet the needs of their residents today and into the future.

The five projects being announced today are among a number of projects across the province that will benefit from funding from the governments of Canada and Manitoba under the Small Communities Fund.

Quick Facts

·       The Government of Canada will provide up to $4,521,321 through the Small Communities Fund for these five projects.

·       The Province of Manitoba will also contribute $4,521,321 to the five projects.

·       The Rural Municipality of St. Andrews will contribute $2 million to its project.

·       The Town of Beausejour will contribute $431,969 to its project.

·       The Town of Arborg will contribute $718,934 to its project.

·       The Town of Winnipeg Beach will contribute $1,166,668 to its project.

·       The Town of Stonewall will contribute $203,750 to its project.

·       The total eligible costs for these five projects are $13,563,963.


“Our Government’s support for public infrastructure in municipalities, big and small, has never been stronger.

We are pleased to work with the Province of Manitoba to announce funding for these five priority infrastructure projects in the Interlake Region of the province under the Small Communities Fund of the New Building Canada Plan. These projects will go a long way in helping achieve our objectives of creating jobs, promoting growth, and building strong, prosperous communities across Canada.”     

James Bezan
Member of Parliament for Selkirk--Interlake

“The Rural Municipality of St. Andrews is very pleased to learn that our sewer project is being supported by our partners, the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba. Today’s announcement enables us to move forward, provide a more affordable solution for our residents and most importantly, protect our environment and water – both surface water and the aquifer.”

Don Forfar
Mayor of the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews

“The AMM is very pleased to be part of the selection committee tasked with making recommendations for the Small Communities Fund. With the approval of these important projects, municipalities can now move forward in addressing their infrastructure needs.”

Doug Dobrowolski
President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities


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